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Fatima Baqi is an international Wedding Photographer who provides Wedding Photography and Cinematography in UK, Europe and Dubai.
Being chosen to be part of a couple's wedding is an absolute privilege. She has been fortunate enough to witness a variety of cultures and traditions.
Here’s a selection of images from her portfolio. We’ve mixed it up a little with a combination of candid, posed portraits and details.
Whether your background is Indian, Tamil, Pakistani or any other part of the world, we’d love to hear from you.
FBP-1Wedding photo-34RTW-3Darpana-124Bride and Bride's maidsSomali Bride London-1-2FBP-DI-9RumaysaMo-30Somali Bride London-1Wedding photo-62Asian Bride LondonSomali Bride London-2FBP-208Asianwedding-161Wedding photo-88